Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More than anything, your presence is the best gift!

Your presence at our wedding is the most special gift to us! 
We are thrilled to share our special day with you. 

If you are compelled by extreme generosity, a registry has been set up for your convenience at:

Here you will see a list of a few goodies we are craving to add to our home together;)

We are also interested in some remodeling of a few spaces in our home, so if that is something you like the sounds of,
we also have set up a "Home remodel" fund for cash donations.
  if you would like to "donate" to our house fund, we will GLADLY put Big Papa and Co. to work, finishing up some improvements to our house in Toronto! (not sure HE knows about that yet….)


Thank you in advance for sharing in our wedding weekend, our celebration and in our nesting! 

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