Thursday, August 21, 2014

Maps and Things: There and Away...

Watervale Inn
1244 Watervale Rd
Arcadia, MI 49613

A GPS or Navi might not work to get to Watervale Inn! 
We know you have to drive no matter how you travel, so we hope to make it as painless as possible! Here are some maps from nearby cities that might help! (Recommended to print them out;) 

From Grand Rapids

From Traverse City

From Toronto:

From Toronto, take Hwy 401 W to merge onto HWY-402 W via EXIT 183 toward Sarnia (Portions toll) (Crossing into Michigan, United States). Then.


  1. Is anyone coming in from Traverse City on Friday? I get in midday and am hoping to avoid renting a car.
    -Madeleine 808-989-4293

  2. Actually, I just checked. I get in at 3:38 PM to Traverse city