Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome to Watervale...

If you are reading this, it means we are PRETTY sure you are coming to celebrate us getting hitched! 

We are so thrilled that you can make it and we want to make sure you have a GREAT time, so we are putting together this little blog to keep people up to date with info about the wedding. 

Stay tuned for all kinds of information regarding: Housing info (we got you covered!), What to Bring, Ride-Sharing, Event Schedule and how to get to Watervale for the weekend….This is a platform where you can comment and let us know YOUR QUESTIONS directly. We very much want to support everyone coming all the way to Michigan to celebrate with us, so please feel free to comment as needed;) 

Its a beautiful place with a lot of history for the Small Family Clan, and we can't wait for a fantastic celebration with all our favorite people! 




  1. I am driving up from Purdue via Chicago, and if anyone wants to risk it, I can accommodate one person in my no a/c, dog-hair-covered, on it's last legs, Ford Focus. Can pick them up from O'Hare or wherever. It's not pretty but it will be cheaper than renting a clean, sweet-smelling, air-cooled vehicle. I'm just offering. In case.

    1. You are the best Sigs! We do have people looking for rides from points South, so I will let you know if someone needs to be in your Chariot! ;) Xxx

  2. I can't wait to see Amandeeeee in all her glory getting married to Mr. Handsome! Oh, and that offer of a ride share was from Siggy in case it isn't obvious...